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360 Enhancements

Make your workshop, yoga class, music, performance, theater or other experience 360 + multi-sensory immersive


Self-guided single and multi-person use of deep play with you in control!


Enhance any sound, dance, theater, film exhibition by going 360!

Turn Key Immersions

Take a group on a multi-sensory experience to enhance connection, collaboration, relaxation, and more.


Immerse in any location with this off-grid set of tools... from jungles to deserts, from skyscrapers to beaches.

Trainings + Workshops

Learn how to control Deep Play in a very short period of time, so you too can use the system for your creative endeavors.


One Day Package - $2500

  • 8 Pro Speakers and interface for Spatial Audio for 8 hours
  • Includes Setup/Breakdown
  • Creative 360 Content and Programming (See Below)
  • Training in 360 (See below)
  • Sound Engineer
  • Travel within AZ State (Out of state is $.10/mi)
  • Second day $1500 flat rate (extras included)


  • 2 Subwoofers - $500
  • Go Off Grid (no power needed) - $500
  • Wireless DMX Lights - $500
  • Immersive Scents - $300
  • Wireless Mics - $250


  • DJ - $500/half day
  • Sound Engineer (included in One Day Package) - $100/hr
  • Private 1 hr Training (included in One Day Package) - $125
  • Group 1 hr Training (included in One Day Package) - $200
  • Wireless Mics - $250

The Basics

Portable solutions + Pro Team

Rentals + Staffing

We provide a turn key solution for multi-sense immersion at different scales and durations. The Deep Play system is mobile and adaptable. We'll help you choose the best options below.

360 degree sound, light, scenT + More

Immersive Content

We  can provide the content for Deep Play and also provide adaptation of your content for 360 immersion! The adaptation can be up-mixing sounds, designing light and smell palettes, reorienting performances to work in a circle, and much more.

pre-recorded contentadapting to 360 contentlive content
Learn How to Control Deep Play

Training + Practice

Learn how to control Deep Play. Training is for creators looking to explore immersion in the senses of their choice. It's easy and no technical or artistic background is needed.

Once creators have learned to use Deep Play at a training, they can join our group who makes live experiences and content for various events.

Optionally, come back and practice!

one-on-one traininggroup trainingpractice sessions

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