your multi-sensory journey in 3d sound, light, and scent starts ... anywhere!

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Spatial Audio / 360 Sound

Hearing Immersion

We place powerful wireless speakers around you, and use sound to encircle you and move in space like you have never experienced before! Spatial audio is far better than listening to sound in stereo, like most music concerts.

Lights, Scents, Tastes & More

Sensory Playground

Intelligent lights, time-released scents, and much more are part of the multi-sensory immersions. Syncopation can happen from a creative engineer, artist, or based on audience interaction. Inquire about options, the venues we work with, and our mobile solutions!

from a few Up to 500+ People

Group Activities

The space is circular, at times meditative and at times bumpin’, creating a mood for inner reflection and outright soul-body shaking. Our facilitators, teachers and performers help your group feel a new kind of collective connection.

Deep Play OFF-GRID

Immerse Anywhere

This 360 Sound/Light/Smell system is setup to run entirely off battery, making it possible to experience it anywhere! (no wall outlet or generator needed).

Imagine walking to your favorite spot in nature to seeing a group of people dancing in full sensory bliss from Deep Play. Learn more on this here.

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