a multi-sensory journey in 3d sound, light, and scent...

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Real-TimE, Multi-SensorY & 360 degree

Deep Immersions

Deep Play is a rentable, mobile system to transport audiences through their senses! Whether for music experiences, yoga classes, ecstatic dance, immersive theater, or something else, Deep Play opens up the world of real-time, multi-sensory, 360 degree immersion to new audiences, creators, and venues.

Pro Immersive media and creators

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We create immersive content with various artists to achieve the experience you want. Anyone can learn how to control Deep Play. We've made it simple to use for music sets, performances, classes, and more!

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Go Anywhere

Deep Play is a 360 light, sound and scent instrument that can work entirely off our batteries! This lets you choose almost any location for the backdrop when you transport the audience!

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